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f2w Helpdesk Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the helpdesk, to pique your interest, although to be fair, the software is more useful than visually exciting. They are all 16 or 32 colour indexed PNG, to keep them as small as possible. The actual screens look slightly smoother.

Request Search Screen (v1.4.1)

This shows one possible set of search criteria. It also shows the "decorative" stylesheet (users can set which stylesheet they prefer. The helpdesk ships with 3, but it's easy to add more, since they are just CSS files loaded into a folder in Zope.

Edit Request Screen (v1.4.1)

This is the detail of the request found in the above search. This category has quite a few properties that we like to record, although I haven't filled some of them in yet.

Category Admin (v1.4.1)

Showing use of Zope's excellent <dtml-tree> tag to browse the hierarchy of categories.

Operator home page (v1.4.1)

... viewed in English, German and Hungarian. The German and Hungarian ones shown are only version 1.4.